Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Don't give up on me yet!

It has been 21 days since my last post. Yes I know, it's horrible! But if you know me well, you'll understand that I am the laziest girl in the world.

I am taking a break from packing, in London. I'm heading back to KL tomorrow for two months of eating and sleeping :)

So....I have graduated from Le Cordon Bleu with a Basic Patisserie certificate! The last two weeks were very intense. I broke down at one point, feeling what I expected to feel emotionally I guess but not physically. Aches everywhere from the whisking, rolling and being chef's assistant during the last week. Cuts and bruises? You learn to move on. Got a burn while taking out that Mogador cake? Slap on some vinegar and stop complaining. The cake ain't gonna ice itself. I have learnt alot. The patience, the discipline. I felt the environment of a kitchen. A professional kitchen.
The tight space and heat taught me to work in the worst condition possible with tips like putting your bottle of water smack in the fridge before you start to survive the occasional heat wave.
Clean while you work! Keeping the station clean was key to finishing on time.

I tried applying all of this during the final exam. It was a practical exam where we had to make one out of 10 recipes chosen. I got Pethivier, a puff pastry cake filled with almond cream. Not one of my favourites but it was generally easy to make. We also had to line a tart ring with sweet pastry as a technical part of the exam. It was pretty crazy but I manage to finish first out of the group of Pethiviers with a good decoration of knife scoring. I was quite happy with my finished product but somehow my puff pastry didn't rise as well.

I can't believe this course is over and I wish that I had the time to write about it as it went along but there was just so much to do! Paris was waiting outside and I couldn't bear to sit down in my room. So I decided to start from where I left off, referring to pictures and remember what happened. I mean if Bourdain can write about his oyster experience when he was a boy, I can do this!

So don't give up on me yet dear readers. I will be back posting more pictures and posts. Au revoir!

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