Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The delayed post

Bonjour! Apologies for the late post! Some people have been bugging me to start updating which is great!! Thanks for the support guys, it means alot :) Please leave any comments or suggestions for anything at all. I would truly appreciate it :)

It's been crazy lately. 5-9 hours a day of baking makes you sleep like a baby at night. Okay loads to talk about. First of all, let me introduce you to my babies.

Nice huh? The sharpest knives I've ever used. Not sure how I'm gonna fit this in my luggage though... Hmmm

Anyway after our tart lesson, we made tea cakes:

Pound cake with candied fruit


Lemon pound cake

The madeleines were really good, moist and so cute! I'm quite excited to experiment with flavours when I get the chance. Been thinking of trying local malaysian flavours, like coconut or pandan, maybe a gula melaka centre.

I think it was in this demonstration when the translator was winking at the chef's assistant and she's all miss smiley throughout the lesson with the chef in between. Tsk tsk so unprofessional but it provided much gossip for me lol

Something amazing happened the next day! I got to meet Julie Powell, author of "My year of cooking dangerously" which inspired a film called " Julie & Julia".

Check out the trailer at

Basically Julie used to be a lost soul until she came upon one of Julia Child's books. She decides to try over 500 Julia Child recipes in one year. So she wrote a blog about it and then a book.

Okay the truth is that I only knew who she was cause I saw the movie trailer. So I bought the book from the reception after finding out she was coming to visit!

I didn't get to finish the book yet as Mr. J has it at the moment. Oh yes, J came to visit during the weekend. My pantheon pillar of support :)

Julie was really nice, down to earth and looked well, happy! As I was lining up for an autograph, everyone was asking her the same question: "Have you watched the movie yet?". Poor gal, so I asked her what she's been up to lately. She mentioned that she just finished an internship.... being a butcher! How crazy is that? I love this woman! I had way too many questions but people were queuing to see her.
Oh well, maybe she'll come to my future bakery. One day :)


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  2. J sounds like a lovely guy

  3. Hahaha..."have you packed any sharp items in your bag?" "Uh, no."