Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Death of an oven

I saw the signs but never thought about it. Then it finally happened. Our oven at home has finally stop working after 21 years.

Okay I'm exaggerating. It works. But someone has to stand by the oven switching it on again every 2 minutes. And that includes pre-heating. I made apple tart and scones. And yes I was there every 2 minutes, switching it back on. I finally gave up when the apple tart and scones were under baked even though I gave it an extra 20 minutes of baking time.

I wasn't sure how my dad was going to handle the fact of a new oven. I was back for two days and I was already thinking of asking for something new.

But after my parents watched me sitting by the oven pressing the start button, I think they got the point. So hopefully the new one is coming next week. No more screw ups.

My mum said she'll miss the oven. I guess I will too. Most of the baking I've done so far was with that oven. I remember shortbread cookies topped with an almond. My mum made that when I was about 5 and we would bring some along during trips to Europe. It tasted amazing next to plane food.

It was always a process to prepare the oven before baking. The oven also acts as another table when not in action. So first of all, remove the random stuff on top, clean the insides then preheat the oven. I hated doing that. Wayy too mafan for me.

My mum didn't let me bake until I was trustworthy enough not to burn down the kitchen, which was around the age of 13. I felt so happy after my mum taught me how to preheat the oven. It meant she wasn't going to fuss about and left me alone to my baking. I baked shortbread cookies for the first time.. I think.

Goodbye dear Sharp Carousel Convection Microwave Exceller 120.

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